6 Amazing WhatsApp Alternatives You Must Try

If we talk about instant messaging programs, there are a lot of choices in Google Play store. You will consistently find WhatsApp in the number 1 position as this application is downloaded by millions of users and is rated as the best app for tablets and Android smartphones. There’s no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the best programs, but it’s some missing attributes and glitches like you can’t make video calls using the app (unavailability of WhatsApp video call feature), the maximum size of video which you can send is 16 MB, etc.

Many people have begun to find WhatsApp choices and asking questions like – what’re the best instant messaging programs like WhatsApp messenger after reading the news of various privacy problems in WhatsApp?

6 Amazing WhatsApp Alternatives You Must Try
WhatsApp Alternatives

Is there a secure alternative to WhatsApp program? Which mobile messaging apps are similar to WhatsApp?

If you are looking for an alternative option for your Android mobile phones and tablet computers then and are also not happy with WhatsApp, you can have a look at the 6 WhatsApp Alternatives.

(1) Telegram

Telegram is the best options to WhatsApp program. The program is used by millions of individuals worldwide, and it enables you to create and send both text messages and emails. Using Telegram program, you will have the ability to send emails or the messages to the contacts which are present in your mobile or you can also hunt for people using their usernames and send messages to them.
Telegram is the most suitable app which you need to use if you want a cellular telephone messaging program with complex security and looking for the best instant messaging app like WhatsApp subsequently.

(2) WeChat

Just a few days after its launching, WeChat became one of the most downloaded and stratified programs in Google Play store and gained enormous popularity. There are many great features which you will get in WeChat which isn’t even available in WhatsApp application. The WeChat app lets you add a maximum of 500 members in a group whereas you can add a maximum of just 100 members of a group in WhatsApp.

(3) Line

Line isn’t only a social networking program which makes it a worthy alternative to WhatsApp but also an instant messaging program. When you sign in to your account, you will see all the best prices which are close to your location. Simply shake your mobile phone that will search new buddies for you.

The social networking section of this program enables you to assess the whole news feed. All the most recent bargains, coupon codes and discounts which are available will get recorded on your news feed. You can share your stories with your buddies on Line. There’s also an alternative to commenting on the narratives.

(4) Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the app for you if you are using Facebook a lot then. To chat on a mobile phone with your Facebook friends, you need to install Facebook Messenger. The app comes with simple user interface and is available for free. Need to express your emotions in a manner that is cool.

(5) Hike

Hike is popular among pupils. You can use this program to send messages to the recipients who are within a radius of 100 meters with the Hike Direct feature even if you do not have internet access. Doodles and gigantic group calling are various other features which you will get in a hike.
Most of the programs which we have shared above come to Hike although with group chat attribute has group call feature. With this attribute, you can make group calls to approximately 100 people simultaneously. If you want to begin a telephonic meeting, subsequently Rise is there for you.

(6) Viber

Viber is known for the free video calling feature of the app. Using this program, you can make free video calls to any Viber user in the world and that too for free. You just need a high-speed internet connection, and you will be able to make free video calls using Viber. You can add doodles as profile photo of your pals in the app.
There are distinct doodles accessible in the program. To get the best experience you can personalize the app as per your needs.

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