6 Must known facts about great Prisma Photo App

Prisma the great and most popular Photo App makes everyone crazy. This app is launched recently and become the most downloading app in last few days. Over 1 Million people downloading the app everyday. The app is developed by a Russian to give the artistic look to your photos. So if you are an iPhonne user download the app and give the painting look to your photos free of cost.

6 Must known facts about great Prisma Photo App
Prisma artistic Filter for Faces

This app is easy to use like Instagram. Prisma is owned by Facebook, has more than 400 million users. You just need to pick an image from your camera roll, after that crop the image and use one filter out of 33 awesome filters such as impression, mosaic and gothic.

According to the Prisma Developer the app will be updated with more filters. So here we describe some key facts about latest photo-enhancing app Prisma :

1. Available only on IOS Platform

Unfortunately the Prisma photo editing app is only available for iPhone users, Still there no version of the app announced for Android users. So if you are using IOS platform you can use prisma to give the artistic look t your pictures.

2. Sometimes server can be down

Due to the much popularity and great artistic effects of Prisma, peoples are crazy for it. According to the Facebook page of prsima, it is the most downloaded app in 10 countries within nine days. So due to the heavy laod sometimes server would not able to control the load and goes down. But most of the time app is available to use.

Prisma filters for Landscapes images

3. Video and VR Versions expecting to launch

According to a tweet by Prisma founder Moiseenkov, company is working on the virtual reality version of the app and it could be launch soon. It is possible to see the prisma effects in videos soon according to the Moiseenkov’s VK page.

4. 34 Artistic filter for Faces and Landscapes

The Great Prisma photo app offers a huge no of artistic filters—34 in all. You can choose any out of these filters according to your picture level. Like if you want to edit the thumbnail image like as of only face than Illegal Beauty and Curly Hair work filter will work better.  While for landscapee images Coloured Sky and Wave work is better. For other kind of photos, there are so many filters available in Prisma.

5. Some Camera Functions do not work on prisma

There are so many standard camera features that iPhone user love to use while taking pictures like HDR mode and Self timer, Unfortunately Prisma do not support these features, You will have to click picture first and after that Use prisma to make the photo artistic.

6. Turn Off the Watermark

A watermark is a pattern that appears as various shades of lightness/darkness, If you do not want to use it, you can deactivate it easily. Just go to setting folder and turn off the Enable Watermarks.

I hope this information about Prisma will help you to use the app more effectively.


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