Whats App Revamped Status update : How It works

Whats App Status got new Revamped Features : Now update Photos, Videos in Status Frequently like Snapchat

  • WhatsApp new Status started to roll out from Europe, will launch globally in phases, starting with Europe
  • The new status update will be available for Android, iPhone, and Windows version
  • Users will be able to use photos, videos, GIF images as Status updates


Whats app is going to celebrate it’s eighth birthday later this week with new surprises for whats app lovers. Yes Now will have get much extra in Whats app that you already experienced in Snapchat. This is the new Revamped Features of whats app status going to roll out soon all over the glob.

Revamped Status update : Now Get rid off boring text message whats app status


Now you will not get bored from the old whats app status like…i am using whats app, In movie, Busy and so many other by default status in text form. Under this new feature of whats app status the users will able to upload videos, photos and GIF files in whats app status.

This is the biggest fundamental change by Facebook owned whats app till now. Company want users change their whats app status multiple times in a day, they don’t stick with the old by default or some boring text status. So This will be very interesting change in the core features of whats app.

Update photos, videos, GIF images as Status update

Instead of using a longer boring whats app text status, you will be able to make it interesting by the revamped features of whats app status. You can upload photos, videos and GIF files in your status which will show to all your whats app contacts. You can express yourself in short videos which is inspired by snapchat features. WhatsApp Status updates disappear after 24 hours.

Revamped Status features ensure broadcast regular updates

This step is taken by the company to make WhatsApp more interesting and to add more social-networking capabilities where you can update regular broadcast updates and your friends share thier reaction and replies personally in chat heads. The difference is other could not see that replies like Instagram or Facebook. Only the users can get those responses with a message that indicates which Status update they are replying to.

How Revamped Status features work


Under these new updated whats app feature, you will get an option between chat and calls. Just click on that option and create status as video upload, photo upload and any other story like Snapchat or Instagram. These whats app status update will be visible to all your whats app contacts.

In the Status tab you will find many sections like My status that will show your recent status update, Recent updates that will show the status updated by your firends in last 24 hours, Viewed Updates and Muted, which lists updates from users you’ve muted.

The new Whats App Revamped Status updated features will roll out soon globally, it will start to roll out from Europe and after that in other countries.

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