Apple iPhone 6 going to release in summer 2014 – Rumored Specs

Apple iPhone 6 – The most awaited next generation iPhone, every iphone lover is curious to know about the device like what comapny will put extra in iphone 6 in comparison to elder siblings, when it will hit the smartphone market, what will be the price, what will be new in its design etc, these questions are rolling in every high end user.

The little confusion about its release date has reduced because company has announced that the iPhone 6 will release in summer 2014 but still comapny don’t specify any particular date. The specifications of iPhone 6 is still rumors, noone knows what will be the exact in this device.

Apple iPhone 6 - rumored image
Apple iPhone 6 – rumored image

Have a look on rumored specs of iphone 6 :

Processor and OS

As per the rumors in iPhone 6 Apple will use the next genertaion QuadCore 7 processor due to its better efficiency and great power. It is expecting that the iPhone 6 will operate on iOS 7  that will be more interesting for users.


The rumors stated that the iphone 6 will have a 4.8 inch AMOLED display that will offer a resolution of 1920*1080 or can be more. It is expecting the screen will be 8times more sensitive than the existing ones and more thinner.


Apple never compromise with its camera quality and as we seen in the elder sibling the camera qulaity is  awesome so it is obvious The iPhone 6 will have great camera features, the ruomors indicating that it will have a 13 mp camera on rear with  LED flash and will also have a 3.2 MP front facing camera.


iphone 6 could come with an internal storage of 128 GB.


Connectivity options may includes 4G, wi fi 802.11ac, wireless charging and NFC

Price and Availability 

The company not unviels the exact price and release date of iPhone 6 but It will release in summer 2014 and the expecting prices are as follow :

32 GB model’s price £529

64 GB model’s price £599

128 GB model’s price £699

Fianl verdict

All the information i mention in this article are rumors because Apple not reveal any exact detail about iphone 6. So as we updated from the actual information we will share in coming articles, So for more updates about iphone 6 stay tuned with mobile yantra.

Its over to you, if you have any confusion in your mind about the above details, ask freely below in comments section.


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