There is no need to give a new introduction to Android games in this smartphone era. Everyone loves to play games on it’s android devices, with the growing craze of android games the developers started to launch more and more games. Here we comes up with the 5 best popular ANDROID GAMES of 2017. Owing… [Read More]

6 Things you need to know about Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go is one of the most viral game till now. Everyone is talking about Pokemon Go, Facebook news feed and other social medias are filled with Pokemon Go news. Pokemon Go is the first smartphone game from Nintendo. The game is developed and published by Niantic Labs under the supervision of Pokemon Company. Pokemon Go is… [Read More]

Top 5 best Shooting games for Android smartphones


An android phone become more poweful than game consoles today, usualy you played racing games on your android devices but here we take some stunning shooting games for your android smartphones, tablets because there is nothing like shooting games, by playing these games you will feel the best and real shooting expierence. Here are the top five… [Read More]