Top 5 smart phones with best camera


Smart phones have become the oxygen for humans these days. It has literally become impossible to live without a smart phone. With the trending selfies, people are looking for good cameras in the smartphones. Also mobile companies have used it as a marketing strategy to promote their product. A good example of Agile Marketing. Recently… [Read More]

Best Mobile Phone For Elders

Iball-Aasan (1)

This article is dedicated to elders and seniors citizens who are not good in technology and have weak eyesight. In modern era it is not possible for any person to stay away from technology either it is a youngster or an oldie because all things are depend on communication and technology. The best way to communicate… [Read More]

5 Essential Android Apps for Newbie Smartphone Holders


When a Newbie shifts to an Android Smartphone the first thing he looks is the humongous collection of various type of Apps available in Play store, it’s hard for an unfamiliar user who has never experienced android platform to figure out which are the Essential Android Apps that are must have for awesome user experience…. [Read More]

Top 5 Android smartphones under Rs 5000 to buy in India in 2014


The demand of cheap budget Android Smartphones increasing day by day due to their multi tasking features. Everyone is looking for Android Smartphones in a low price but the increasing competition and emergence of high end Android smartphones make them less effective. A lot of mobile maker launching low cost smartphones in the market that… [Read More]

Best smartphone under rs.10000 in September 2014


A question which i faced mostly from my friends and reader is Which is the best mobile phone under Rs. 10000 ? Than i search on web to suggest them the best smartphone under their budget range. And i found a wide range of smartphone available in this range with different features. Some smartphone have good… [Read More]

Top 5 Android smartphone to buy in India under Rs 20000


Smartphones – a very familiar word and an essential gadget for the present life, even without smartphones we can’t imagine our life. Our every daily routine activity are engaged with this device anywhere and the advanced features of Android smartphone make us addict of it. We required it for every purpose either it is entertainment… [Read More]

Top 5 Most Awaited Smartphones of 2014


Smartphone are the gadgets which never stop producing, will enhance producing more and more with the passage of time with more advance features. Smartphone lovers always wait eagerly for the launch of new devices, as the the device launch they grab it. In 2013 smartphone makers hit the markets with a lot of amazing and… [Read More]