Best Chromecast Apps in 2017

For those who are unaware, Chromecast is one of the best media streaming devices which has been manufactured and developed by Google itself. This device can be installed in the HDMI port of your TV and then you can stream content from your Android phones or tablet devices and enjoy the big screen experience. You can stream all your favorite TV shows, music, movies, sports and games etc. Besides this, you can use many brilliant apps on the Chromecast to make your experience better. It is a cheap device and is very easy to use, which speaks in itself as to why the device is so popular. In our opinion, it is the apps you use which makes the Chromecast experience good or bad. Therefore you should use some of the best apps for Chromecast. If you do not know much good apps, then we have got you covered. Let us take a look at some of the best Chromecast apps.

Best Chromecast Apps in 2017

Google Home

You can call it the must have app if you are a Chromecast user. It one of the best Chromecast apps specifically designed to be used with the Chromecast. Much to the irony, this app before its recent name change was known as the Chromecast app only. Since its name change, a lot of features have also been added to the app. It begins with the staple feature of the classic Google search page. Besides this, if you buy another Chromecast device, then you can also add that device with the help of this app. It is a free app and helps you to set up your Chromecast device with it and thereby control your device easily through it only. Since it is needed to setup the Chromecast, therefore Google has made it available for free. It can be downloaded on its PlayStore.


Who doesn’t know about Netflix? It is amongst the best apps for Chromecast. You might already be using this media app containing some extremely popular original shows. The app offers you one month of free subscription and even after that it’s very cheap to subscribe. With this app you get access to some of the best shows which you would love to watch. You can also watch shows from around the world as well as some of the latest movies. With the Netflix’s Chromecast app, you can you can just hit the cast button after connecting your device and within seconds your favorite media content will be displayed on the big screen of your TV in HD quality and amazing sound as well. So if you have subscribed to Netflix, then having the Netflix Chromecast app is also a must for you. You can get this app from the play store for free but the subscription if you don’t already have it will put you back by around $8.99 a month.

Google Play Movies and TV

This is Google’s own version of the fun filled media app consisting of hundreds of movies of all genres and most countries. Besides this, you can also get TV shows and kids cartoons at your fingertips within seconds. You can use your Google account to pay for any of the service or content that you want to purchase from this app. It instantly connects with the Chromecast. Its seamless Chromecast connectivity as well as one of the most easy to understand and use user interface makes it a great app to have for you Chromecast. It is amongst best free Chromecast apps.


It doesn’t even needs to be said but the YouTube app is definitely a must if you own a Chromecast since it is one of the best Chromecast apps. With this app, you can stream millions of videos, shows, music, TV soaps, gaming videos and everything else straight to the bigger screen of your TV and enjoy through your day. The app as you know is free of cost and downloads and installs on your device within seconds. So get the app today and get ready for unlimited dosage of entertainment.


Plex is a great media centre app through which you can take TV shows as well as movies which are stored on your PC and then seamlessly cast them to your TV with the help of your Chromecast device. It is one of the best Chromecast apps which acts like a set top box and allows you to watch the downloaded content on big screen easily. By this way you will not require an internet connection and watch your favorite videos even if you are running low on data. The app is available for free on both Android play store and iOS store.


One of the best free Chromecast apps, Spotify provide its users with the world are biggest streaming services. Millions of songs are available over the Spotify app, and by connecting this app with your Chromecast device, you can listen to your favorite music on your TV or stereo. You don’t need to spend big on buying those speakers now. Just connect your Chromecast with the Spotify app and get ready to dance to your favorite numbers while they play loudly over your TV. This is a great option for all those who are looking to upgrade their stereos. The app is available for free but you will need Spotify subscription for access to songs.


Chrome should not be left out on the must have apps for the Chromecast. Amongst the best Chromecast apps, this app allows you to stream your entire web browser to your television and then access any web page. You can open any website and watch the media content over it on your TV. This will help you the most when some app doesn’t support streaming. So you can open their website through Chrome and then stream the media. Chrome should be pre installed on your Android device and available for free for iOS.
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The Last Words

So we have seen how a Chromecast can help to provide you a big screen experience by casting and streaming the media from your phone to your TV. We have seen some of the best Chromecast apps through which you can make full use of your Chromecast. So get these apps now and enjoy streaming.

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