How to keep Your Smartphone’s battery Life healthy for long time

If you are suffered from your smartphone battery life problems or with the passage of time your smartphone battery loosing its capacity and got damaging, you just have options – change your smartphone battery or adopt some trick to maintain your gadget’s battery healthy. In most of the cases we have seen the phone battery’s started occurring problems like discharge with in few hours even we charge it fully and if you have non removable smartphone battery than you can’t replace it, you have to visit service center that is a big hassle.

If you are using a device which is one year old and it’s battery life discharge in short period than this is the sign of  life battery ageing, so you need to follow the necessary tips to increase the battery life of smartphone. One more thing do not follow these tips when your device battery start occurring problem although take care of the battery from the day one and use these practices from the time when you buy the device for maximizing the battery life.

What should be a charge cycle ?

Before introducing you from the tips to keep your device battery life healthy, it is essential to let you aware about the charge cycle of a battery. Normally we use the lithium-ion batteries in our devices like in laptops, smartphones and tablets, these batteries loose their capacity with the passage of time. It depend on you when this process has been started by your smartphones battery, if you take care of it and use measures listed below for it healthy working than this process will start delay.

Normally a full charge circle is from 0 to 100 % but its right to charge the phone fully upto 100%, we should charge our device upto 80% excepting the cases when you have to go out and you are away from plug in point than you can charge it 100%. The Batteries are designed to retain up to 80 percent of their capacity for a limited number of charge cycles.

So if you charge your phone upto 100 % and put charger when it drain at 0% than it is called a full charge circle. If you charge the device from 0 to 50 %, it is a half a charge cycle. But this cycle is harmful for your device battery, Avoid the smartphone’s battery draining upto 0% and charging upto 100%. A full smart charging is upto 80 % and drain upto 30 to 40 %.

tips to keep Your Smartphone's battery Life healthy

Tips for Prolong Battery Life of Smartphones

We can’t change the tendency of battery ageing and diminishing the battery performance with the passage of time but we can delay it and improve the performance of the battery life of our smartphones, laptops and tables by using these measures. So here are the tips for Long and healthy battery life :

1. Keep Temperature In Mind:

Temperature factor is a crucial factor for battery life, extreme weather condition are harmful for your device’s battery life either it is extreme cold or extreme warm but extreme warm conditions more harmful than extreme cold for the battery. Your device’s battery will drain faster if you live in extreme weather condition like where this temperature is more than 35 degrees Celsius or under 0 degrees Celsius. So keep your device away from Direct sunlight and freezing temperatures.

 2. Maintain Screen Brightness

The brightness of your device screen affect your device battery life, if you keep your smartphone screen maximum bright then it will reduce your slowly slowly. So keep maintain the automatic brightness adjustment which leads to energy saving. The use of animated screen-savers in device is big reason for faster drain in battery life. So keep you smartphone cool and sober for longer battery life.


3. Partial discharge vs. Full discharge

Do not plug in the device when it is fully discharged or drain uotp 0% which we called full recharge. Plug in the device for charging when tha battery drain upto 40 % and plugged out when it recharge upto 80 %, it is called partial recharge.  So for healthy and long battery life partial charging circle is better than full charge circle. So balance your charging circle but in different condition when you have to go out or away from charging point you can charge upto 100%.

4. Don’t leave Devices Plugged-In Most Of The Time

Normally we have a habit of plugging in the device and leave it plugged in after full charging too. So for keep your battery life healthy, make sure your device is not plugged in after a full charge otherwise overcharging could be a reason for your battery life diminishing. In laptop cases make your battery discharge upto 40 5 than recharge it after shutting down.

Avoid using ultra-fast chargers
Avoid using ultra-fast chargers

5. Avoid using ultra-fast chargers

Some of the device can be charged faster by using ultra-fast chargers which is very harmful for battery life in long term. This will charge the device in short period but will damage it battery for a long. so avoid ultra fast chargers.

6. Do not use third quality cheap chargers

In case of saving few money you can incurred a big loss, for example if you charged your costly smartphone by 50 rs. chargers which sold out by the road sellers than it can damage your smartphone badly. So it is not good to loose 50000 for saving 500,  it is better to buy branded charger and charge your device with good quality chargers.

7. Avoid use while charging

There is a tendency in people charging the devices during usage, which is bad for the battery life of your gadgets. So do not charge the device while using it, first shut it and than plugged in for charging.

Avoid use while charging
Avoid use while charging


8. Medium- to long-term storage

if the device is nit use for a long time keep it’s battery approx 50% before turning it off it will be good for the battery life. If your are going out for a trip and want to store your phone than keep it in suitable weather condition like in a place where whether is under 32 degrees Celsius.

Unfortunately there is no trick than can fix a finite life of battery but by using the above tips you can delay in loosing the capacity of battery life over time.

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