How to record calls automatically on your smartphone

The smartphones makes our life smooth and simpler, there are a lot of features that smartphone companies providing us but still their is a drawback in highly featured smartphones. Even the our old features phones was proving us that features which is automatic call recorders, the old feature phones was having a call recorder built on the right side that was very convenient and useful but in smartphone there is no direct call recorder. So for recording calls we have to install apps or any other way.

However smartphones are offering great features that we can never expect before, so what can be the reason of non existence of direct call recorders in smartphones ?

In some countries it is the violation of law to record calls without the consent of both parties includes in a call and it could be a reason of crime and cheating. But there can be a favorable use of recording a call like record a phone call interview that we can note down, recording lengthy and complicated instructions, recording the talk which we want to hear again and again and many more.

So here we are going to reveal the steps that leads to a call recording but we are strongly advise you, use these steps only if you are legally permitted to record calls and your country law do not prohibited it, one more thing do not use this call recording feature for any illegal purpose which is harmful for anyone.

How to record calls automatically on your smartphone

Call recorder apps in iPhone

The call recorder apps do not support all OS phones like Window 8 and to use call recorder apps in iPhone is also not safe due to another call looping and it is not safe from privacy aspects. The iPhone users can use apps like Tape Call to record calls but it is not secure and unfortunately it is not available in India.

There are a lot of apps has been tested to make call recording on the iPhone, but unfortunately none of those worked effectively. So if you have any iPhone app, you tried for call recording on your smartphone and worked efficiently, please let us know via your comments, it will be very beneficial of readers.

Call recorder for Window phone

To record call on Windows Phone 8 phones is not possible because it doesn’t allow apps to use the phone’s microphone during a call that means it stop call recording apps and you get unable to record a call. but if you are using the Phone 7, you can be able to record call with Call Recorder app.

call recording on Android smartphones

Call recording on Android and Blackberry smartphones

But the Android and blackberry users can record calls simply by using call recording apps. According to a test which is conducted on blackberry Z10 and Nexus 5, it is confirmed that call recording is successful on these OS.

Here are the steps to record call on android Smartphones

  1. For recording calls first of all Download and install Automatic Call Recorder app on your smartphone via Google Play store
  2. The app will start automatically while you make or receive a call on your smartphone and the call will record automatically and easily. if you don’t want to record calls , you can turn off the app by going in setting.Tap the three dots icon on the top-right > Settings > Record calls > Off.
  3. The call has recorded in different format, so choosing the format of recordings you will have to go setting and can choose any format like AMR, 3GP and WAV. Go in app Settings > File type.
  4. In app you will see two tabs – Inbox and Saved. All your phone call recording will collect in inbox and will appear in inbox. All recordings will appear in the Inbox tab. You can save recording to your data card.
  5. To save selected recordings tou your phone memory card, tap on the recording you want to save and tap Save. the slected recording will appear in saved tab.
  6. If you want to share these recording with your friends directly on social media like on whats app we chat and on any other app, just go to recording folder tap on any recording, tap share.

you can save upto 200 recording free on your phone via Automatic Call Recorder but if you want to save more than 200 recording you will have to buy Automatic Call Recorder Pro for around Rs. 450.

call recording on blackberry phones

Here are the steps to record call on BlackBerry 10 smartphone

  1. Download and install Free Call Recorder For BlackBerry 10  app and start it on your phone. After starting the app you call will automatically record when you make or receive a call, the pp will be active in your background. You can manage setting and the call you want to record, save or delete.
  2. After the Launch of the app, swipe your phone screen and go on menu, you will see the setting in top right, Tap Settings to change the app’s settings.
  3. you can change to recording from automatically to manually or manually to automatically by tap settings. Tap on Recording Mode to change the recording from Automatic to Manual. By doing this you will get the option to record a call or not, pop up will arise and ask to start the record calls.
  4. like the android phone on blackberry phones you can save calls and can share these recording with anyone or can listen these recording when you want.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of automatic call recording on your smartphone. For more interesting tutorial stay tuned with mobileyantra.


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