Top 3 Best Smartphone of 2013

Another year has passed away by mega launches in smartphone industry.  Now we are moving ahead towards 2014 with new technologies, mega innovations and new advanced gadgets. Undoubtedly 2013 was an exciting and pleasant year for anyone who loves gadgets, technology. The year 2013 progressed very fast with gadgets like better smartphones, tablets, phablets etc. So before joining next year we listed here Top 3 Best Smartphone of 2013 :

List of Top 3 Best Smartphone of 2013

iPhone 5s

Best Smartphone of 2013
iPhone 5s

The first smartphone we includes in the list of  best Smartphone of 2013 is  iPhone5s. What is special in iPhone 5s : This is the most irresistible smartphone, having an overpowering appeal and very fascinating style. You can’t  refused to take it.. Why we should love it: iPhone 5s is simply a massive gadget, it provides you modern and overwhelming experience that previous generation lacked. The features and apps that company put in it made the iPhone 5s a brilliant piece of tech. The form factor are same as we saw in the iPhone 5, but the crystal treatment on the camera, which gives it a new and more beautiful look. The iPhone 5s provides a better and improved wireless performance, and performance got boosted to double. The fingerprint recognition technology makes it best smartphone. The OS consist iOS7, which have no need of introduction.

Key Specs

Display – 4.00-inch

Processor – 1.3GHz
Front Camera – 1.2-megapixel
Resolution – 640×1136 pixels
OS – iOS 7
Storage – 16GB
Rear Camera – 8-megapixel
Battery capacity – 1570mAh


 Best Smartphone of 2013

The next  smartphone we includes in the list of  best Smartphone of 2013 in India is  HTC One. What is special in HTC One : This is one of the best and  prettiest performer. HTC One has Brilliant HD screen, Excellent build quality and Decent battery backup. Why we should love it: The HTC One came in starting of the year. Before launching the HTC One it was speculated that it will be the best android smartphone of 2013. And the launch of  HTC One has confirmed it. It is a complete bunch of HTC’s usual designs and best performance, that’s why we loved it. It offered an amazing user interface that we never-seen-before. It has a truly remarkable UltraPixel camera, a sleek and well designed body that everyone want in his smartphone. It create a tough competition in front of iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Key Specs

Display – 4.70-inch
Processor – 1.7GHz

Front Camera – 2.1-megapixel

Resolution- 1080×1920 pixels
OS – Android 4.1
Storage – 32GB
Rear Camera – 4-Ultrapixel
Battery capacity – 2300mAh

Nokia Lumia 1020

Best Smartphone of 2013
Nokia Lumia 1020

The last but not the least smartphone we includes in the list of  top best Smartphone of 2013 is Nokia Lumia 1020 What is special in Nokia Lumia 1020 : This is the best camera phone of 2013. The Lumia 1020 has a A massive camera by which you can capture beautiful photos by default. Why we should love it: The main reason to love Nokia Lumia 1020 is its 41-megapixel camera that’s housed in a smartphone body. Can you imagine such a camera in a smartphone, i think it is little difficult to believe. But Nokia prove it in Lumia 1020. The camera of the device just not produce stunning photos and videos, but comes with complete manual controls. This feature help to take beautiful photos by default, or make them look good and pleasant with your own creative control. And in spite of the amazing camera quality and solid processing power, it has a beautifully designed bod. The smartphone has lot of such a great tools to capture great photo like HERE Maps and City Lens.

Key Specs

Display – 4.50-inch

Processor – 1.5GHz Front Camera – 1.2-megapixel Resolution – 768×1280 pixels RAM – 2GB OS – Windows Phone 8 Storage – 32GB

Rear Camera – 41-megapixel

Battery capacity – 2000mAh
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    • says

      Glad to hear that you like the post. I listed these top 3 smartphone for differnt reasons after a wide search, I think Samsung will come on no. 4. if include it.

  1. says

    It is always difficult to choose that to which smart phone #1 place should be given. But no doubt Apple is always at the top because of its quality.

    Also HTC is emerging as a closer competitor to Apple. Very nicely framed article Rupali.

    Great Work

  2. says

    iPhone no doubt is a leader in the market but people are now moving towards android smartphones and the best option when it comes to android OS is Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, Galaxy S3, S4 are a great success and hopefully the upcoming devices Note 4 and S5 from techie will do pretty well against iPhone 5S and 5C.

    Lets see.


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