Moto G – The Exceptional Phone at Exceptional Price [Review Part 1]

Is Moto G really a great smartphone? Should I buy Moto G or not? Is Moto G a value for money smartphone? Does Moto G delivers the performance it promise to?

If you have any of these questions, or any other query related to Moto G and its performance, MobileYantra is here with an honest review of Moto G after testing it for a month now. We were unable to get our smartphone in the beginning due to high demands of this smartphone. But as now we have that and we have used it, our thoughts on this will be live on MobileYantra.Com . The review will be posted in parts focusing on all aspects of the smartphone with in-depth review.

Moto G’s USP is the price at which it is being sold in India. at 12,499/- for the 8GB model and 13,999/- for the 16GB variant, it definitely turns out to be the best smartphone at this price. To be precise, even if you have budget around 20,000/- and are looking for a smartphone, I would personally suggest you to get yourself a Moto G and save some money. Also in case if you are having a budget of 10,000/-, I would suggest you to arrange few more bucks and get a Moto G.

Motorola Moto G look feel design Review

It’s not the hardware and software combo which makes this smartphone the best, but it is the price which you have to pay for all this. Comparing the price with other brand’s smartphones with similar configuration, you have to pay around 20,000 and they still are unable to deliver such clean and lag free performance. I have used Galaxy Grand Duos for a year. Even though it was originally priced at 22,500/-, and still costs around 17,000/-, Moto G is far better than Galaxy Grand Duos in terms of performance. Read the detailed review below.

Moto G Complete Honest Review after 1 Month of Use. [Part 1- Look & Feel]

Moto G Design

Motorola Moto G look feel design Review

One thing about Moto G’s design – It’s curved, fits into your hand just perfect and it’s simple elegant look makes it highly appealing and you might not put it down once you hold it. The display quality was highly impressive. You generally do not see such quality at that price.

Moto G came in pretty small boxing due to which we had doubts before opening the package, if it really had the smartphone with all the contents mentioned on the package. I would admit though, that the packing was done perfectly with the smartphone fitting into it just perfectly at the top and under it were the accessories consisting of a non detachable regular two pin charger, an earphone, and the manuals.

Moto G shares the same design pattern as in the brand’s premium smartphone Motorola Moto X. Moto G’s features curved edges offering a good grip.

Motorola Moto G look feel design Review

Moto G’s front panel portrays a 4.5-inch HD screen with three primary touch type keys present on the touch screen at the end. It would have been better if it was placed on the lower part of the front panel which at present is just a black colored surface with not much use to the user. The touch based keys though rotates in their place when switching from portrait to landscape mode, which may not have been possible if it was fixed on the lower front panel but still at least it would have freed  a portion of the screen. We also noted a black glass strip around the smartphone bezel which separates the back panel and the screen. It does not features the OGS technology but who is need of that, this smartphone still delivers a modern look. The front panel also sports a 1.3MP camera for video calling and self portraits. the earpiece lies at the top in the middle followed by the proximity sensors. at the bottom on the black glass strip lies the primary mic. At the bottom center lies the charging port.

Surprisingly the charger does not come with the detachable USB connector.

Motorola Moto G look feel design Review

The back panel of Moto G comes with matte finish. However like the screen, it may sometimes get badly smudged with lots of fingerprints but you can clean it easily. The back panel is removable which unveils a giant non removable battery lying under the hood. It comes with two sim card slots. Unfortunately, it does not have memory card support. It sports the 5MP camera at the top center, below which lies and flash and also flaunts the brand’s logo placed below the flash. Speaker is placed at the left side from the rear snapper. At the top, lies the 3.5mm headphone jack at the center. One great thing about Moto G is that it also features a noise cancellation mic placed at the top. Volume rockers and the power/lock button is placed at the right bezel. The volume rockers button and the power button are not placed that firmly and are kind of loose, however it is still not that much of a concern.

Motorola Moto G look feel design Review

One more thing which i liked about the smartphone was that the black glass strip present on the screen has its edges levelling slightly above the screen. This protects the screen from touching the surface when the smartphone is placed with screen facing on the ground. Even if the screen is in contact or you have kept your smartphone with coins and keys in the same pocket, that might not be an issue still as Moto G features a Corning Gorilla Glass making the screen’s surface scratch resistant. The screen is though too much prone to fingerprints. Thats kind of a headache if you like to have your screen clear. I would advise to get a matte screen guard for your Moto G’s Screen.

The smartphone box also says that the smartphone comes with water repellent technology. I would like to mention that it does not say that the smartphone is water proof but still there are YouTube videos which shows that this smartphone is pretty much on the safe side in case if you accidentally dropped the smartphone in water. However I would still advise you, not to do that intentionally.

That’s all on the look and feel. This smartphone stood up due to its simple nice looks combined with scratch resistant screen, curved design enhancing the grip and water repellent coating feature. If you are willing to buy Moto G, Follow this link.

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