Moto G – The Exceptional Phone at Exceptional Price [Review Part 2]

Moto G Complete Honest Review after 1 Month of Use. [Part 2- Display & Camera]

Moto G Screen Review

I never expected to see a display with such quality under this price range. The screen turns out to be the biggest highlight due to the low price at which Moto G is being offered. Moto G display is a 4.5inch screen sporting a resolution a 720x1280pixels. It features a pixel density of 329ppi which surprisingly is a bit sharper in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 5S display which offers 326ppi pixel density.

Motorola Moto G look feel design Review

As already reported earlier in Motorola Moto G review part 1, it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which makes the screen surface scratch resistant. A feature generally found in premium smartphone costing above 30K.

Talking about the screen quality, Moto g features LCD screen with IPS technology. Thanks to this, you do not need to consist of viewing angles. One thing we did note was that it was unable to compete with high-end smartphone like LG G2 in terms of full color reproduction, but again they are high-end and you need to spend almost four times than what you are spending on this. The display may not be that good but it still is really great. Outdoor visibility is also good. It may be hard to view the screen, but to me it has happened only once or twice and may be that was because the screen was having a lot of fingerprints.  However if you are watching videos or playing high-end games, (I enjoyed playing Iron Man 3 official game.) the display is impressive. (below is the screenshot)

moto g display camera review

I did not have difficulty in reading the text and they always appeared clear and crisp.

Moto G Camera Review

moto g camera review

This was a part which I was quite not that much impressed. I would still not say that I was disappointed but I was not that impressed. Using the smartphone with all the other so good aspects, the expectation level increased, hence it may have made the camera performance look weak in comparison to that. Moto G features a 5MP rear snapper with LED flash and also portrays a 1.3MP front facing camera. Earlier I was using Galaxy Grand Duos which came with 8MP camera and it was really decent specially when I had to take macro shots. I was very impressed with its camera, until Samsung released 4.2.2 update for it which made the smartphone experience fall below the level of tolerance due to which I switched over to Moto G. Though it costed very less than what I paid for Galaxy Grand Duos, Moto G is still far better than Galaxy Grand Duos. Even the newer model that is Galaxy grand Duos 2 does not offer much for the price it comes at. Moto G still turns out to be a better deal.

I did some shots in low light and bright sunny day. The picture quality in low light is really bad with lots of noise. However outdoor clicks during the day time with ample amount of light were pretty much acceptable for a 5MP snapper. The camera may not be good but the overall package along with the Moto G’s low price made it acceptable. May be due to my earlier experience with Galaxy Grand Duos’s camera, this appeared to be a bit on the downside, but still this performs decent at least for the bright outdoor lighting condition. You should however definitely look for alternatives when clicking pics in low light or indoors. The picture starts appearing torn with slight zoom. Moto G’s flash though turned out to be a bit of powerful.

Some clicks by Moto G (click to enlarge)

Motorola Moto G Camera click Motorola Moto G Camera click Motorola Moto G Camera click

The Moto G’s rear camera can be set to take 5-megapixel shots in the 4:3 aspect ratio, while 16:9 shots will come out at 3.8 megapixels.

Moto G’s camera app though is not stock app. The camera controls pops out by sliding on the screen with your figure in the direction of left to right. It gives you option for flash, HDR mode, shutter sound, panorama shots, slow motion video and tap to focus. You can also take burst shots by keeping your finger on the screen and holding it there. It will continue to take the picture until and unless you remove your figure or it has taken 99 clicks in one touch. We did not find any more settings to control the ISO and exposure settings etc.

Motorola Moto G camera controls

The 1.3MP front camera can be used to take self portraits and do video chatting. The clicks made by them also a bit grainy. There is no physical button to take a snap, also there is no dedicated button to launch the camera.

Moto G screen here is on the upside while the camera is on the downside. Stay tuned for more reviews about Moto G’s software, performance, battery life etc. If you are willing to buy Moto G,  Follow this link.

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  1. says

    Hi Ashutosh,
    Nice review, You have summed up almost everything related to Moto G in this review. Moto G is an amazing device and Motorola just launched Moto X and I am expecting that Moto X will also get success just like Moto G. What you think?

    • Kumar Ashutosh says

      It will surely be a great success. Prior to Moto X’s launch, i would have recommended buying Moto G even if they had a budget of 20k but now they have something at that price which is also a great value for money product at that price range.

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