Moto G – The Exceptional Phone at Exceptional Price [Review Part 4]

Now comes the most important and final part of our review and that is Moto G’s performance and Battery life. Read other reviews [Part 1Part 2Part 3]. No matter how much a smartphone has packed up inside, no matter what is being seen on paper, but the main aspect of buying any smartphone lies in the fact that if the smartphone will be able to perform what it says or not. Will it be with you for a sufficient time before its battery juices drains.

Moto G Complete Honest Review after 1 Month of Use. [Part 4- Performance and Battery Review]

Moto G Performance review

Motorola Moto G look feel design Review

After using Moto G for a month and practically using in all situations, I was very much satisfied with the way Moto G handled all the task being thrown on it. I have used Moto G for heavy tasking like playing big games, doing multitasking, using 3G network excessively, playing high def videos at full brightness to test the battery capabilities etc.

Moto G comes with a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, also packed up with Adreno 305 graphics. We have got 1GB of RAM onboard. Motorola launched two variants of Moto G viz. 8GB Model and 16GB Model. There is no any option for external storage. The one we tested was an 8GB model with 5.5 user accessible memory. We were kind of feeling no external memory support as a bit of downside, but Moto G gave us the option to connect Pen drive via USB OTG cable. Also we got 50GB of free Google Drive Storage for two years as a promotional offer from Google. Generally we have seen MediaTek chipset in brands like Micormax, Xolo offering device under this range with almost same configuration, But Moto comes with a Qualcomm chipset.

The processor did show its effect by providing us a lag free and really smooth experience while navigating through Moto G’s interface. We tried launching multiple apps, switching between them, surfing through different websites, trying some common gestures like pinch to zoom, and nothing made us raise our eyebrows.

I played games like Iron Man 3 official game, temple run, subway surfers and some more. Performance thorough out these games were great. However it is not like that it can perform in every condition and there was some glitch when tested with games like Shadow Gun but it was not always.

While testing the sound of the speakers, the quality was good but then I noticed some distortion when playing at full volume. Indian version of Moto G also comes with an earphone which is a normal one and has a decent performance.

Moto G comes with a 4.5inch IPS LCD screen which is a HD screen. The viewing angles were really good and also so were the color production. I loved watching movies and videos. Moto G’s earpiece used for the call also delivered decent quality.

Moto G benchmark scores

I am though not a big fan of benchmark scores but still since most of the time a smartphone is judged on this, I am providing here the scores and Moto G grabbed good scores.

Moto G Battery

Moto G comes with a 2070mAh battery which is non-removable. The best thing about this is that you can really follow the saying – Charge it and forget it. In mixed and day-to-day usage, the battery lasts for almost a day. However when using the smartphone over 3G network, you may notice a drain in the battery with an increased rate. However, this is a common issue with almost every smartphone. Even though, during pretty heavy use which use surfing through 3G, making long duration call, snapping pictures and watching high def videos, not to forget the game time, we got a backup of around 12 hours. This is still a great performance by Moto G’s Battery. Moto G can deliver almost 8 hours of continuous video playback which is a long time compared to other smartphones in this range and also some premium smartphone.

Final Verdict

We give you a go for Moto G, we do not practically see any reason why you should not buy Moto G. In fact to be precise, even if you are little tight on the budget, I would suggest you to wait for sometimes unless you get some more money and then go for it. You may get a smartphone at less price but no will be as value for money as Moto G. If you are willing to buy Moto G, Follow this link.

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