Moto G – The Exceptional Phone at Exceptional Price [Review Part 3]

Moto G turned out to be a big success. We already covered some aspects of Moto G in our review earlier [Part 1, Part 2]. We talked a lot about the hardware portion of Moto G. Now it’s time to look inside to see what it has packed up for the software part and if it helped to keep Moto G’s fame or not.

Moto G Complete Honest Review after 1 Month of Use. [Part 3- Software Review]

Moto G Software/ Interface

Motorola Moto g Software review

Moto G came out of the box with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. However the moment this Moto G got connected to internet, we got notification asking us to update to the latest software version 4.4.2 . Android 4.4.2 was rolled out earlier even before it scheduled date in December. Android 4.4.2 update makes Moto G one of the very few or If I am not wrong, the only smartphone to provide a KitKat experience with stock android feel in this price range.

Motorola Moto Software review

When we started using Android 4.4 on Moto G, it did enhance our experience. Moto G bears a lot of resemblance from Nexus 5 in terms of the software. KitKat version brings a new minimalistic interface with a new launcher with some nice design elements, increased transparency and smoother transition animations.

We got a total of five homescreens which can be customized with a number of apps and widgets divided into preloaded and downloaded categories. Unfortunately we cannot add any extra homescreens. The flyaway animation while switching between the app launcher and the homescreen was smooth and was very similar to the one seen in Nexus 5.

The app’s shortcuts arranged at the bottom of the homescreen will be visible to you on all the homescreens. You can change them by tapping and holding them and then you can drag them to remove from there. If you want to add a new one, just go to the app launcher or any app from the homescreen and tap and hold and then drag it to the bottom.

The notification bar is accessible via swipe down gesture. If you swipe down via one figure, you will get the notification with two button in the corner – one for clearing all the notification at once and one for switching to the quick access panel containing settings accessibility option from some common settings like Wi-Fi, brightness, and also the settings buttons. You can clear the notifications individually by swiping it away in left or right direction. If you directly want to enter the quick access panel, then swipe down from top with two fingers. You will enter the quick access panel which have toggles for Brightness, Settings, Wi-Fi, Network, Battery, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, and Location settings. Unlike the Nexus 5, the Moto G does not have a quick Alarm clock shortcut.Motorola Moto Software review

A Long press on the Moto G’s homescreen gives you option to customize the wallpaper. You can opt for a live wallpapers, predefined wallpaper, or choose any custom wallpaper which may include your snaps or any downloaded image. Moto G also offers voice based search. To launch this your smartphone must be unlocked and default language must be set to English(US). You can trigger voice based search using saying “OK Google”. You can access Google Now by swiping up from the bottom of the smartphone.

The lockscreen also provides the same access way for the Google now and you can also access the camera by simply swiping on the screen or the small camera app in the bottom left corner from right to left

I also saw a brand new dialer along with an updated phone app. This app automatically assigns priorities based on to whom you talk the most. Once you launch the app, you won’t be seeing the normal call log but it will be showing you the list based on the priorities. The top will be the person you talked to the last time. Below which will be three tiles showing people names you talk the most and then there will be a list of names arranged descending orders in terms of how many times you call the number. To access the call log, just press the clock button at the bottom left corner and it will show you the traditional call log. To access the dialer press the button at the center of the bottom menu, the button at the rightmost bottom corner gives you some other phonebook related options. At the dialer windows, you can do a quick search of the person you are willing to call either by searching via typing or simply pressing the mic button in the search ball and calling the contact name.

Motorola Moto Software review

Several other apps like photo and email app has also been revamped to provide a deeper integration with Google and also provides enhanced experience. Motorola preloaded two other apps named Motorola Migrate and Motorola Assist. Motorola Migrate apps facilitates you to transfer your contents from an old android phone or even an iPhone to your new phone and Motorola Assist helps you to set the device at silence on your preferred time range. It also allow settings to send the caller a message.

Motorola Moto Software review

Overall, the software part really made Moto G stand on the praise it received ever since its launch and the its KitKat update added an extra cherry on the top.  If you are willing to buy Moto G,  Follow this link.

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