10 Best Power Bank To Buy In India (October 2017)

Top 10 Best Power Bank To Buy In India (Jan 2017) : power bank buying guide

Here we bring something interesting for you in electronics and gadgets that you always look for. Yes in this article we bring top 10 power bank to buy in India in October 2017. All 10 power banks are best to buy in affordable price. But before starting the list here you can check key facts about power bank buying guide.

Why You need to buy a Power bank

Before explaining about the best power bank, it is essential to let you know about the use of Power bank or portable chargers or why you need a power bank. As we all knows the currents era is totally technology based and in this fast growing tech world we need to connect from internet and our surrounding to update our self from the latest happening around us. Mobiles and tablets makes this possibles, these devices stay us connected from the internet and makes the conversation easy.

With the growing needs of Mobile and tablets, the battery issue becomes an important fact for the users, All time we need to charge our devices fully but it is not easy to keep the device fully charged when we are travelling and there is no power outlet nearby. At that time we come to know the importance of Power bank. In this fast internet world, we all use 3G, 4G network which is the main reason for drain in battery life. To solve the battery issue of phones tech giants started producing Power banks.

What is Power bank

Power bank is a portable device which store the power by plugging in a charging point through USB data cable. The power bank supply this saved energy to smartphone and tablets while connected through data cable. So if you are a regular traveled and most of the time you stay on journey than you must have a great quality power bank with longer battery. Here we spend a lot of time to find out the best power bank for you according to your needs.

Before buying a power bank you must consider many factors about power banks like type of battery like Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymar, No of charging ports, charging capability, brand and reputation, Short-Circuit Protection, Over charge protection, design and size of power bank, warranty and many other things.

Here is the complete buying guide for power bank users :

Things to be consider while buying a Powerbank – Powerbank buying guide

Top Power bank to buy in India in 2017

All the power bank we have features here are affordable and best in quality. The range of these power banks vary from 800 to 2000. You can buy these power banks from any reliable online shopping stores like Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal. The Amazon shopping stores providing heavy discount on the power banks. With every Power bank, we had given the link to buy the device.

Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank
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Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank is an affordable power bank priced approx rs 900. You can buy it from any shooing store. This power bank is a preferred choice of users from a long ago and you can consider it one of the best power bank to buy in India below rs 1000. Here are the specs highlight of the power bank :

  • Battery capacity of 11000 mAh
  • Three ports for discharging.
  • Power input DC 5V/2.1A and output 5V/1A, 5V/2A
  • Comes with LED indicator
  • Its charging time is 5 hours with 5V/2.1A adapter
  • 1 year warranty
  • Power source mini USB

Cons: It uses Li-Ion battery.

PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank

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PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank is another great device you can consider to buy in India if you are looking for a good power bank under rs 1500. Here are the specs highlight of the device :
  • It has a battery capacity of 10400 mAh
  • Average efficiency is 70%.
  • Two ports for discharging.
  • Single USB output port with LED torch
  • 4-lights of LED power indicator for displaying battery level status
  • Auto power off system
  • 1 year limited warranty for device from the date of purchase
  • The input current is 2.1 A which makes its self charging time 5 hours with 5V/2.1A cable.
1) It comes with Li-ion battery.
2) only 1 port so it can charge only 1 device at a time.

Ambrane Power Bank
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Ambrane P-1310 13000 mAh power bank is a Brilliantly designed device available to buy in India only for rs 999. The elegant white and blue colour of the power bank makes it attractive. the long lasting 13000 mah battery capacity i simply superb to charge your phone fro long time. Here are the highlights :
  • It has 13000 mAh battery Capacity
  • Dual USB Output Ports 2.1A & 1A, you can charge two device in single time
  • Led with Torch for displaying battery level 
  • Samsung SDI Cells
  • You can contact here for any query [email protected]

Cons: It uses Li-Ion battery

Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh

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Lenovo PA 10400 is another simple and decent power bank that can be charged fully in 5 hour if you are using the genuine device. You can charge two device simultaneously. There is LED indicator to show the battery level. the design of the charger is very glossy and attractive, You can buy it for approx rs to 1100 on 56% discount

Key Specs

  • It has a capacity of 5000mAh
  • The super slim and glossy design 
  • over charging protection
  • Lightweight, you can carry it wherever you want

ADATA PT100 10000mAH Power Bank
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ADATA PT100 10000mAH Power Bank is in trend from a long time and the impressive thing about this device is that, it also exist on Amazon and Flipkart to buy. It is priced for rs 899 on a discount of 64%. Check the product details here :

  • 5 volts lithium-ion battery with 10000mAH capacity
  • Dual USB outlets for faster charging
  • Compatible with all Smartphones
  • 4 stage lighting with LED flashlight
  • Input: 5V-2A DC and output: 5V-1A (Type-A USB), 5V-2.1A (Type-A USB)
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase

TYLT POWERPLANT Portable Battery Pack
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The TYLT PowerPlant 5200 mAh power bank is an amzing quality power bank comes in a superior design and easy grip. the power bank is priced little costlier in comparison to others but provide good value of money. The device has 2 USB port that means you can charge two phones in single time.

It comes with fast charging feature that can take around 6 hours to completely charge. Other features include flex arm for convenience while traveling, support for charging 2 devices simultaneously, LED indicators and over discharge protection.

Key specs

  • 5200mAh for plenty of charging power
  • lex arm for convenience while traveling
  • LED indicators and over discharge protection
  • Micro USB and Apple 30-Pin versions available
  • Universal USB Socket for charging any USB device
  • charging 2 devices simultaneously

Romoss Power Bank 10000Mah Solo5
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Romoss 10000 mAh Polymos 10 Power Bank is available to buy on amazon for a price rs 790. It is an affordable power bank with good specs. The device battery is of plastic built, it has two ports for charging two device. lets have a look on the power bank :


  • It has a battery capacity of 10000 mAh
  • Average efficiency is 80%
  • It takes 6 Hours to charge fully
  • LED indicators to indicate charge levels
  • two output ports (1 A and 2.1 A)
  • Overcharging protection
  • It comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Karbonn Polymer-10 10000mAH Power Bank
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Karbonn Polymer-10 10000mAH Power Bank is a product of karbonn handset maker. Like above power banks it also has 2 USB port for charging two devices on single time, LED indicator. You can buy the device for rs 15,99 on amazon. Here are the details :

Key Specs

  • Intelligent IC for protection, dual charging mode
  • Two ports which can output 1.5 Ampere and 2.1 Ampere currents
  • 32GB memory slot
  • LCD indicator
  • Output – USB 5V/1A and 2.1A
  • Input – DC 5V/1.5A
  • Micro USB cable
  • 6 months warranty on product

Asus 10050mAH Zen Power Bank

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ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh Power Bank is another relaible power bank that suited to your smartphones perfectly. The power bank comes with battery capacity of 10050 mAh. the device comes with ultra fast charging, over charge protection, short circuit protection.

Key Specs

  • Lithium-ION battery with 10050mAH capacity
  • Average efficiency is 70%
  • Ultra fast charging: 2.4 A
  • Small in size and light weight – 215g
  • short circuits and over charge protection
  • The box content are power bank, connector cable and user manual
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty
  • Only 1 port so it can charge only 1 device at a time
  • It takes charging time approximately 6 hours for full charging

TP-LINK TL-PB10400mAH Power Bank

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TPLINK 10400 mAh portable charger comes with a huge battery and dual USB connectors. Th device has a flash light that can be used as a torch. The power bank comes with 6 layer protections (against temp, over current, over voltage, etc). The device has LED charging indicators for showing battery level.

Key Specs

  • Powerful capacity of 10400mAh lets you charge a smartphone 3~5 times
  • Its average efficiency is 70%
  • Dual USB ports (5V/2A and 5V/1A) allow for charging two devices simultaneously
  • Compatible with almost any smart devices like iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and other 5V input USB-charged devices.
  • Multiple safety protections
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  •  Four LED lights work as charge indicators to show battery level
  • Comes with built-in flashlight for in-house and off-road activities

The list of best power bank in India is over to you. If this list help you to pick the best one please share your thought with us.

Update : Here we added few more high end power banks for you that you can also consider to buy in 2017

1. F-EYE® FMPBKD 13000mAh Power Banks

Buy now on Amazon

  • Dual USB port to charge two devices simultaneously
  • Quick charge support
  • Looks premium with exclusive ABS body with an elegant luxury finish
  • Easy to carry and very lighter in weight
  • Great functionality and comfortable carrying.
  • Full protection against all charging-discharging and over voltage-over current risks.
  • In box you will get Power Bank 13000mAh, 1 x 2.4A Micro USB Cable (1m), 1 x iPhone lightning 8 pin to USB cable (25cm), 1 X User Guide

Mi 20000mAh Power Bank

Buy only for 2199 rs

  • Packs 20000 mAh Capacity
  • Supports Fast Charging
  • Input Voltage DC 5.0V, Output VoltageDC 5.1V
  • Input current- 2.0 AmpsOutput current-2.1 Amps
  • 14.5 hrs with 5V/1A plug and standard cable

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