ASKME, A Multitasking Android App – Review

Smartphones are becoming the essential part of our life, every single task of our daily routine life can be done by smartphone either it is a business deal, a shopping task, entertainment and what kind of other work. The various kind of Apps loaded in these phones make them smart. There are multiple apps available in the market to fulfill multiple task but now the question is why ASKME app is different from other apps, why it is called “baap of all apps”. So here we are giving strong reason to install this app on your smartphone.

Reason why ASKME App called the baap of all apps

ASKME App is currently most famous apps and Ranbir Kapoor the most famous Bollywood actor is the brand ambassador of  ASKME App. The funny advertisement of ASKME app makes it more interesting. it is right called it the baap of all apps because it perform multiple task. Normal a particular app used for a particular purpose but  by using ASKME App you can accomplished a lot of requirements. askme If you are why you should install on your devices than in this article i will introduce you from the benefits of the ASKME app. This review is based on my personal experience after using this app on my phone. This app will make your important task easy because this is a multitasking app which is launched by Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. by using this app you can search various kind of jobs, nearest restaurants, different kind shopping discounts and other kind of deals with in few seconds with your smartphone.

Download ASKME App on your smartphones

If you to make your daily routine task easy than download ASKME App via Google Play Store. If you are thinking you will have to need any specific version of android to download it, than no need to worry, ASKME app can be downloaded on any version of Android from Android 2.2 to Android Kikkat. IMG-Askme app

Key features of ASKME App

  •  ASKME app help you in finding your nearest business
  • You get updated by various kind discount, gift deals offering by your local dealers and can get more in less amount
  • By downloading this app you will be aware about different classified like on mobile, jobs opportunity, cars, real estate and more
  • The ASKME app can add reviews, suggestions, images for your nearest business
  • ASKME app is very fast and takes very few time to download and operate
  • On ASKME app the users can review the products on the bases of users rating and take decision
  • The users can make his own listing of his favorite local businesses by using this app
  • If the users want to share his favorite businesses with their friends, they can do easily via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter
  • On ASKME App you can find the address and phone numbers of any business and can contact them with in few minutes to make any deal.
  • In addition other features like business contact info like reviews, rating, transaction method, working and opening hours make your dealing task very convenient and smoother.

So here we presents the features, benefit, downloading info and overview of ASKME app, I am sure after reading the features of this multitasking app, you will definitely download it on your devices. For more apps reviews stay connected with Mobileyantra.

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