Best Power Bank Around Rs 1000 to buy in India (January 2017)

To find a Power bank in an affordable price with sound features is not so easy due to the availability of multiple options. With the emerging needs of communication and entertainment through mobile phones increase the demand of Power banks. When we go for travelling, it is necessary to carry a power bank in your luggage due to the distraction free communication and other mobile task. We operate our phone continuously like playing games, hangout with friends, listening music and watching videos. So all these task consume a lot of battery and at the end of the day the devices goes dead due to the battery issue.

Here we compiled the list of Best Power Bank currently available on Amazon for around rs 1000. There are many other portable chargers are great in term of price and features but they are not available to buy. Here we mentioned the power banks that you can buy easily on a single click of the Amazon links we had given with the product details.

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10 Best Power Bank to buy in India

Top 10 best Power bank under Rs. 2000 

Top 10 best Power bank under Rs.1000 

We have found many questions on Quora related to Power bank issues Like :

  • Where can I find the original Xiaomi 5200 mAh power bank in India?
  • Which power bank is better, Xiaomi or ADATA PT100 10000mAh?
  • I want to buy a power bank for my HTC phone of more than 10000 mah.
  • What is the best brand in power banks for smartphones?
  • How do I select a good power bank within Rs.1000?
  • I want a power bank with a minimum of 10000 mAh capacity
  • Which is the best power bank under 1000 rupees
  • Which are reliable power banks with more than 10000mAH capacity sold by non-Chinese companies?

To keep in mind all these questions we prepared this list of best power banks. Lets have a look on these Portable chargers :

Lenovo 10400mAH Power Bank – Price Rs.1,299

Buy on Amazon

The Lenovo PA10400 Power bank is one of the best portable charger offers high performance and great quality. The power bank is comes with fast charging technology for mobiles, tablets and other devices. It has huge charging capacity of 10400mAh. Here are the key features :


  • 10400mAh power bank
  • compatible with most android devices
  • Dual output USB interfaces
  • Support 2 devices charge at one time
  • High level of protection Prevent from over charging , over discharging or short circuit.
  • comfortable design and Light weighted
  • Made by high quality plastic exterior
  • Dual USB Port for connecting two phone charger
  • Weight – 240 g

ADATA PT100 10000mAH Power Bank – Price Rs. 1199

Buy On Amazon

ADATA PT100 10000mAH Power Bank always count when we talk about the best power banks. This is also comes with two USB outlets that means two can charges your two devices simultaneously and quickly. The power bank has LED flashlight to light up your mobile life! It also can use as a LED Torch light on pressing just a single button. The power bank is turns off automatically when disconnected from any device. Here are the highlights :


  • 5 volts lithium-ion battery with 10000mAH capacity
  • Dual USB outlets for faster charging
  • Compatible with all Smartphones
  • 4 stage lighting with LED flashlight
  • Weight – 286 g

Intex Power Bank 6000 Mah – Price Rs. 677

Buy on Amazon

Intex is a reliable tech giant and the quality of it’s products is always good either it is a phone or power bank. Intex Power Bank comes with 6000 mAh power capacity just in rs 677. It comes with two USB port to support two devices on a single time. Here are the key features :


  • 6000 mAh Capacity
  • Two output USB 2.0 portPower Bank can charge Tablet, Smartphones etc. with USB Cable
  • 4 different sockets / Torch function
  • USB Cable for charging of Power Bank & devices
  • Weight – 440 Grams

Ambrane P1000 Power Bank – Price Rs. 1,300

Buy on Amazon

Ambrane P1000 Power Bank is compatible with all devices like phone, tabs, camera, iPod or MP3 Player. It can charge 4 devices simultaneously because of  its 4 connectors. It secure your phone from overcharging due to the overload cut off protection. Here are the key features :


  • It has a strong 10400 mAh capacity
  • It comes with LED indicator
  • Easy to carry in your pockets because of it’s smooth and comfortable designed body
  • Dual USB ports can charge 2 devices simultaneously
  • The connectors make it compatible with various devices
  • High power LED Torch
  • compatible with all devices like phone, tabs, camera, iPod or MP3 Player
  • Weight – 299 g

HCL Mobile Battery Power Bank 7800Mah – Price Rs. 599

Buy on Amazon


  • It has 7800Mah battery capacity
  • Compatible with mobile phone, tablet, digital camera or mp3 player
  • Weight – 240 g

PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank – Price Rs. 1,170

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PNY BE-740 ia a very smartly designed power bank, easily fitted in your hands and very easy to use. The device is perfect when you go for travelling and outer activities. It is safe and reliable, having LED torch and Auto power off. Here are the key features :


  • 4-lights of LED power indicator to display the battery level
  • 3.7 volts lithium-ion battery with 10400mAH capacity
  • Auto power off, make better use of battery energy
  • Single USB output port
  • LED torch

iPro 10400mAH Power Bank – Price Rs. 999

Buy on Amazon

IPro 10400mAh Power bank is made by high quality sells to ensure high charging performance for High Power consuming devices like Smart Phone , Ipad , Tablets Etc It comes with 104000mAh battery with Dual Usb Output for cheraging two devices simultaneously. It also has Led Indicator For Balance Power Indication. Here are the key features :


  • HIGH Capacity 10400mAh & High Grade Japanese Cells
  • 4 Led Balance power indicator & Led Flash Light
  • Dual Usb 
  • Stylish Curvy Design & Strong Built
  • Weight : 331 g

Zoook ZP-PB10000LD 10000mAH Power Bank – Price Rs. 999

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Zoook Power bank is designed for modern mobile age to provide high capacity power and compact designs. The power bank is priced very decently. Here are the key features :


  • 10000mAH power backup
  • Compact design
  • LED charging-capacity indicator
  • Twin USB outputs for simultaneous charging
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and other USB-enabled devices

Update : apart from the above power banks there are few ones which are launched recently and doing great. So lets update the list of best power bank under rs 1000 in India in January 2017.

Syska X110 11000mAH Power Bank

Buy now on Amazon

  • Input: DC 5V-1.5A
  • Light Indicator: Yes
  • Cable Type: Micro USB Cable
  • Charging time up to 9 hours
  • 6 months warranty

SAMSUNG Powerbank 10000mah

Buy now on Amazon

  • 100% Compatible Fast Charging PowerBank with Real 2A output(with compatible phones)
  • Performance like or better than original Wall Charging Adapters
  • Certified Product
  • Durable and Reliable Performance from a high quality manufacturing unit
  • 6 months  Replacement Warranty

Original SoniZed Power Bank

Buy now on Amazon

  • Battery type: Imported Samsung or LG 18650 Type lithium-ion batteries Input voltage: DC 5V Output voltage: DC 5.1V Input current: 1.0A
  • 1Output current: 1A 2Output current: 2.1A Rated capacity: 3.7V/13000mAh Charge time: Approx. 9hours @5V/1A with standard cable
  • Size: 16 X 6.5 X 2 cm Load detection
  • Auto-detects device connection
  • removal Safety features
  • supports High voltage input limit
  • Feedback protection
  • Circuit breaker
  • Charge/discharge temperature Control
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 290g

The list of top 10 best power bank to buy in India in 2017 is over to you. In this list we covered almost power banks that are good for you under 1000 budget. If you want to add any other portable charger to the list lets us know via your comments. For more tech updates stay tuned with us.

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    I dont think a 4000 or 10000 mAh power bank can support these days smart phones with some 3000 mAh battery. I am using a 16800 mAh powerbank bought from at affordable price It is sleek and portable.

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