Now draw and type on your pictures through Facebook Messenger

Android Messenger Photo Editing

On Friday Facebook has announced the updated version of Facebook messenger for android by which the user will able to type and draw anything on the pictures before sending it to anyone. The user just have to download the Facebook Messenger via Google play store on their android devices, after downloading the users can select any image from the gallery and can draw on the picture via Facebook messenger to send it to their friends.

Android Messenger PhotoEditing

How to draw and type on pictures in Facebook Messenger

The updated version of the Facebook Messenger is now ready to work on android devices, it was first reported by Android Police for Android users by Google Play India. Now here are the steps you will have to follow for drawing and typing on pictures through Facebook messenger :

  • Firstly open the Facebook messenger and select the friend whom you want to send picture
  • Now tap on the photo icon given below on bottom row
  • now you have to select the image from your phone like from gallery
  • after selecting the picture you want to send, now tap on the text or pen icon for typing or drawing on picture
  • Now image is ready to send

The Android Police team also reported that this procedure will not work directly like if you want to draw on a picture by capturing directly through messenger than it will not work, firstly the user will have to save image in gallery and need to follow the same procedure.

According to the Facebook the same tricks it is tested on Facebook to post sticker while posting comment but the stickers is still not in the progress.

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  1. Rakesh says

    Hi Rupali
    Thanks for the info. However the said procedure do not work on my HTC one. Maybe the phone didn’t like the update. Just kidding.
    What could be the possible cause? Any suggestions.
    Please let me know.


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