Top 10 Drones for Beginners : Drones Buying Guideline

Top 10 Drones for Beginners

Drones aka quad-copters are fun gadgets and they can be very useful for observation and cinematographic purposes as well. These new gadgets are selling damn well in the markets, but not all are suitable for the newbies, nor are they very inexpensive. Thankfully, there are drones available in every budget range for all types of enthusiasts and we have covered the best Drones for beginners in this review. They are inexpensive, feature rich and easy to fly.


Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF Quadcopter

This mini quadcopter from Hubsan can fly 50 to 100 meters around the controller. There’s a mini VGA camera mounted on the frontal side which records VGA video and saves the file to the memory card stored in the transmitter. After 30 minutes of charging, it could fly for 7 minutes. Price – $142.99.


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As the name implies, this drone is tiny. It bagged 2014 Editor’s Choice award for its funky design and striking performance, by Airplane Magazine. There are plastic frames protecting the rotors from getting hit in case of a crash. SAFE technology is built in for a stable flight. Price – $79.99.

Walkera Ladybird V2

This drone is very small with a ladybug designed canopy, and there’s a Devo 4 controller for an easier flight time experience. The drone is stabilized using 6 axis gyro sensors, keeping it stable on air isn’t a problem. Price – $70.11.

Hubsan X4

Bigger than the first drone we have mentioned, but a favorite from the old times. 6 axis gyro stabilizes the drone while flying and it’s properly adjusted for all sort of wind condition indoors and outdoors. The diameter between the rotors from the center is 60 mm. Price – $26.00.

Jumping Sumo

Not a typical quad-copter drone for sale, rather it rolls on its wheels and jump for a better shot on the camera. The purpose is to take photos and shoot videos from a different angle. The design is pretty interesting; however it doesn’t provided a consistent flight experience. Price – $125.45.

Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider White

From the same manufacturer that makes Jumping Sumo; this provides great POV shoots for your videos. It can climb up vertical surfaces using the wheels or straight take a flight using the rotors. Price – $118.95.

Parrot AR Drone 2 Elite

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This drone has a compact flat design, and there’s even a camera embedded within this design that captures 720p videos. It does most stunts a regular drone could do and the flight is stabilized using gyro sensors. Price – $305.48.

Syma X1

Owner can define whether the flight is indoors or outdoors, and the logic board will intelligently adjust the stabilization settings by itself. The controller is 2.4 GHz. Syma X1 can perform stuns like flips and rolls. Price – $33.33.

DJI Phantom 3

This drone is especially for beginners in quadcopter cinematography – the features are highly accessible, easy to use and it’s inexpensive even with a 2.7K camera included. Price – $699.

Estes 4606 Proto X Nano

The most basic of a quadcopter among all other mentioned models. It’s a plastic made that fits between your thumb and index finger with bright LED lights. Estes 4606 is controlled by a 2.4 GHz radio. Price – $29.97.


All these drones come with a user manual to get you started. However, abide by the local rules about remote controlled aircrafts.

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