Top 10 facts about Xiaomi Mi3, you must know before buying it

Xiaomi Mi3 – Most demanded smartphone under 15 k

Xiaomi, the well known Chinese handset maker take a grand entry in Indian market with its most famous Chinese smartphone Xiaomi Mi3, This is called the Apple of China. these days Xiaomi Mi3 is the most recommended smartphone, everyone talking about it, even if anyone want to buy a smartphone with in 15 k range, he is preferring Xiaomi Mi3 due to its great specs with in an affordable price.

Xiaomi Mi3
Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi Mi3 left behind Moto G

This is the only smartphone left behind Moto G, which was the most demanded smartphone under 15 k, before the launch of Xiaomi Mi3. Not only in china, even all over the world, this smartphone get huge success. In india Flipkart is the only online seller of  Xiaomi Mi3, Flipkart said with in few minutes all stock of the device sold out and still people are booking it on pre order.

Xiaomi Mi 3 vs Moto G – Who hold the best place in the market

It’s good that Xiaomi Mi3 is the first Chinese smartphone, who get too much popularity and success not only in china, in other countries too like India. Peoples are crazy for it, but here i want to say, before buying any gadgets either its a camera, laptop or smartphone, it is required to a get full info about it, like its advantages, drawbacks, price, warranty, availability of service center and many other factors.

Xiaomi Mi3 – First successful Chinese smartphone in India

Well, there is a though in India about Chinese devices, people do not accept them easily by seeing just tag “Made in China”, However Xiaomi Mi3 changed this thought completely with its great offering features and entered in the Indian market with a bang.

 Xiaomi Mi3 - colours

Xiaomi Mi3 – factors to be consider before buying it

Apart from thousand positive aspects there are always few negative things about every device. so here we are going to aware you from all positive and negative aspects of Xiaomi Mi3 to makes your decision easy.


The price of Xiaomi Mi3 is really a considerable factor while buying it, Before the launch of the device the rumors was saying it will be priced for Rs.14,999 which was good according to its specs and to beat competition. But the company surprised to everyone by launching the device on reducing price of Rs. 13,999. The Mi 3 was announced officially in Delhi in a press conference at a price Rs. 13,999 for 16 GB variant of Xiaomi Mi3. So This is the best price for such kind of features.

Xiamoi Mi 3 – Now book on Flipkart for rs. 13,999

Android Kikat

The Xiaomi Mi3 launched in India with Android 4.4.2 KitKat which is the latest Android OS till now. By the inclusion of most advanced OS in the device the users will enjoy a wide variety of android apps and games via Google play store, The device also can connect  with Android Wear smart watch that is a great feature.

Display and Design

The display of Xiaomi Mi3 look gorgeous and eye catching. The device support to a 5 inch IPS LCD display with full HD resolution, sharp design, great viewing angles and outdoor visibility. After buying the device some of the users reported manufacturing defect in display, but This not a defect, the users will have to remove the thin plastic display protector before starting Mi3. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass3, so u don’t need to worry about scratches. The Xiaomi Mi3 is made of aluminum which makes it slippery, so easy handling of the device you have to buy a good case.

 Xiaomi Mi3 i design and build

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Camera Quality

The Xiaomi Mi3 support good camera features including 13 MP rear camera with f/2.2 aperture and Dual led flash. in short these are the best camera features in this price range, with the help of F/2.2 aperture, The device will capture clear and crispy photos even in low light conditions. The dual LED flash makes it more impressive, A 2 MP front Camera also exist for video calling and selfies. So the quality of both cmaera is really attractive and enable the users to shoot natural and crispy images in different kind of conditions.

Non removable battery

The Xiaomi Mi3 powered by a  non removable battery that can’t replace. So if your phone battery goes died, you can not replace it yourself, to solve this problem you will have to visit service center for repairing it.

Limited Stock

One of the biggest problem in getting Xiaomi Mi3 is the unavailability of the smartphone. If you booked the device before buying, it will take a lot of time to deliver. All the stock of  Xiaomi Mi3 sold out in less than 40 minutes on July 22. There is no fee for the registration but you will not get the delivery on sale’s day. Many of the users didn’t get the phone after the placing order and many orders has cancelled by Flipkart which is the only seller of the smartphone.  As we already seen the crisis on Flipkart at the time of Moto G and Moto E and it take a lot of time to remove this clash, here is same happening in case of Xiaomi Mi3.

Internal memory

The negative aspect of  Xiaomi Mi3 is its memory, The smartphone do not have expandable memory. However it is coming with 16 GB variant in India for now out of which 11.5 GB is available on first boot for apps and data. the usgae of memory depend on users for some 8 GB space is enough and for others 32 GB could be less, so for this kind of users the memory problem will exist in Xiaomi Mi3.


There is no doubt about the performance of  Xiaomi Mi3, This is the one of the best performing device under this price range. The Snapdragon 800 chipset is one of the most attractive hardware feature of the smartphone at Rs. 13,999. But the problem is that the aluminum body generate more heat in comparison to other build, So while you will play intensive games, you get to feel more heat in comparison other high end smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi3 - performance

Service center

There are 360 Xiaomi service center located in 20 major cities of India, Out of which 2 service center of Delhi and Banglore operating by Xiaomi directly and will open only for 2 hours. Xiaomi said it will increase the no. of service center in coming days in India and will train the to solve the customers problem in minimal time period. So before buying the smartphone please make a search about the availability nearest service center.

Anonymity of suppliers

By partnering with Flipkart obviously Xiamoi cut the retailing cost like mid commission and many other charges. The users will get it at a cheaper price than the retail price. But the users do not have any choice to buy it from any other source excepting Flipkart. So the  anonymity of suppliers is a big problem for the buyers. It is also find that the users do not get their order after placing order too.

Here we listed the 10 major pros and cons of  Xiaomi Mi3, On the bases of these facts you can take decision easily.

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