Problems you can faces while subscribing Jio Prime Membership Plan

How to Recharge Jio prime membership plan : issues in getting the plan

Recharge Jio prime membership plan have begin. You can subscribe to the plan by just paying 99 rs. the last date of subscription is 31st march 2017. The plan will come in existence from 1st april 2017 and will be valid upto 31st march 2018. Under this plan you will have to pay rs 301 as monthly charge and get unlimited free calls and jio apps, 1gb data per day and unlimited free data from 2 am to 5 pm.

How to become Jio Prime Member 

Subscribe to Jio prime using MyJio App

  1. Download My Jip app to your smartphone
  2. Sign up to the app by using your jio number
  3. click on recharge btton displaying on the screen
  4. Select Jio Prime Membership Subscription.
  5. Pay 99 Rupees for Jio Prime subscription.

Get Jio Prime using Jio site

  1. Open  Jio recharge website
  2. Enter your Jio number
  3. click submit.
  4. Select Jio Prime Membership plan
  5. Pay Rs 99 by using any payment method to get Jio Prime subscription.
  6. Jio Prime will be activated on your number.

Get Prime membership plan from Jio Store

  1. Visit any Jio store.
  2. Ask them to get jio membership plan
  3. Pay Rs 99 as per your comfort paymnet method
  4. Your number will be activated for Jio prime via Jio store

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Problems / issues when subscribing to Jio Prime Membership Plan

However it;s easy to become a Jio Prime member but you can face some technical issues while getting subscription. As the plan will come into existence from 1st April 2017 so you have only march month to get registered for jio data plan. If you subscribe to the Jio prime plan via Jio online portal you can face server down error due to heavy traffic in start, so keep trying you will get registered soon by paying minimal fee rs 99.

You can also face issue or error while paying the amount to get registered, When it will redirect to the app at payment time, you can see error so do not make payment again, wait for some time and check your Prime Membership subscription status on Jio app, you will be active for sure.


Let us know if you faced any issues when subscribing to Reliance Jio Prime Membership Plan.


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