Xiaomi MI4 – New device for unforgettable mobile experience

The company works on development and introduction of innovative devices of various types: mobile phones, ROMs, consumer electronics and software. The company practices a completely different approach to designing and selling smartphones. Unlike Samsung and Apple the leading Chinese mobile developer prices the devices at almost bill-of-materials cost. The company practices a longer period of selling new phone models extended to 18 months (unlike Samsung which cells new models up to 6 months). By the way the Xiaomi Company has overrun the Samsung company in the II quarter of 2014 in selling and introducing brand new phones and innovative software solutions. Xiaomi is one of the leading innovative mobile manufacturers in China dedicated to manufacturing of devices for comfortable mobile experience.


One of the hottest models, recently introduced to the world mobile market, is Xiaomi MI4 (single micro SIM card). The hot Xiaomi smartphone costs about 490$ in Chinese online stores. The newly launched MI4 is a mobile gadget of a new generation using the most advanced hardware and software, promising a beyond the imagination performance. The gadget is presented in a stainless steel frame being so slim that it seems you are holding just a great touch screen which is high color saturation, Sharp/JDI of 5” and 1080*1920 resolution.

The back shell is made of durable plastic giving thrilling experience of touch. Pixel density reaches 441PPI. However the attention of global mobile community is attracted to extremely fast performance of the device ensured with innovative hardware. The Xiaomi MI4 gets a Snapdragon 801 4-core CPUS processor coupled with Adreno 330 (330.578GHz)  graphic processor which ensures 3D rendering capabilities. Each core of the processor is tickling at frequency of 2.5GHz.

The device also features innovative technologies enabling to reduce power consumption (DSP technology) and extremely fast and smooth connectivity. The latest gadget by Xiaomi is equipped with Sony cameras which are Sony IMX214 of 13Mp based on 6 lenses and 1.8 aperture. The new camera ensures faster picture taking and providing better quality (due to HDR hardware and intelligent high dynamic flash) of every picture taken under any conditions and lighting. The main camera shoots 4K video. Front camera of the phone is 8Mp featuring the same super large aperture.



The Xiaomi offers you to use this mobile device as a multifunctional remote controller (for TV, air conditioner) due to an inbuilt infrared transmitter.

The phone is run with MIUI V5 OS (developed Android OS). The exclusive OS, which is deeply customized, offers a brand new UI which is more like iOS than familiar Android.

The feature, which is much appreciated by fans of innovative technologies, is a capacious battery of 3080mAh which ensures long lasting hard drive performance.

MI4 is already available at Flosmall.com offering the good prices on the mobile market with free DHL delivery.

Summing up the Xiaomi brand has hit a jackpot by launching its latest Xiaomi MI4 being a super powerful device designed for internet browsing, 3D gaming and smooth connectivity experience.

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    Xiaomi has already drawn a lot of attention with its Mi3 and Redmi 1S with great specs configuration for a comparatively low price tag. Following the trend Mi 4 is also expected to pack up flagship configuration with powerful processor and all. Xiaomi is definitly making up its name in the market however one thing which they need to work on a lot is the after sale service.

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